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New Generators

Yellogen offer a wide range of new generators ranging from 10 to 2000 kVA. Click the Model names below to download a technical spec sheet for the chosen generator.

10 to 25 kVA

YGP009.09.00 KVA
YGP01313.00 KVA
YGP01515.00 KVA
YGP02020.00 KVA

25 to 50 kVA

YGP03030.00 KVA
YGP042.542.50 KVA
YGP04545.00 KVA

50 to 250 kVA

YGP06060.00 KVA
YGP06565.00 KVA
YGP08080.00 KVA
YGP100100.00 KVA
YGP150150.00 KVA
YGP150150.00 KVA
YGP180180.00 KVA
YGP200200.00 KVA
YGP200200.00 KVA
YGP230230.00 KVA
YGP250250.00 KVA

250 to 800 kVA

YGP300300.00 KVA
YGP350350.00 KVA
400 SDMO400.00 KVA
YGP400400.00 KVA
YGP450450.00 KVA
YGP500500.00 KVA
YGP600600.00 KVA
YGP650650.00 KVA
YGP746745.00 KVA
YGP800800.00 KVA

800 to 2000 kVA

YGP910910.00 KVA
YGP10001,000.00 KVA
YGP12501,250.00 KVA
YGP13501,350.00 KVA
YGP15001,500.00 KVA
YGP17001,700.00 KVA
YGP18601,860.00 KVA
YGP20002,000.00 KVA
YGP22502,250.00 KVA

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure 0007.5kva-0022kva CAEN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0007.5kva-0022kva CALN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0026kva -0200kvaN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0200kva-0275kvaN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0350kva -0450kvaN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0455kva -0750kvaN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 0730kva - 0900kvaN/A
Acoustic Enclosure 1000kva - 2200kvaN/A
DCP Control PanelN/A
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